A Beginners Guide to writing a Kickass README ✍

A nice README is a good way to help people engage in the project as well. A project with nice README and screenshots will get the attention of users better since it’s a direct way to explain why this project matters, and why people should use and contribute to the project. Good README should also include enough details to help a new user get started, e.g. how to compile, how to install, and how to start integrating.

Ok. Enough talk. Show me how to write a good README then.

You don’t need to go full-bore Readme Driven Development, you don’t need to include all those bullet points , you don’t need to follow any particular process. But writing a good README will definitely improve your documentation skills which will make you a better developer.

You can check out some of the examples and resources which will help you in writing a good README.

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