I recently bought MacBook Air. It’s probably the best computer I’ve ever had. I use this as an external monitor.


Terminal - iTerm

Text Editor - Sublime Text 3

Browser - Google Chrome





Sublime Text 3

I am using Cobalt2 theme. It gives me nice sidebar icons as well. This is the perfect theme if you are heavily using JS in your work.

ST3 With Cobalt2 theme

Terminal — iTerm

In iTerm I am using ZSH shell with oh-my-zsh plugins.

Theme - robbyrussell

Font - 20pt Droid Sans Mono. Download it from powerline.

I use Z for walking across directories. Z is a cd command that learns. Whatever terminal you’re using I would highly recommend using Z. It will save a lot of time.

Browser — Google Chrome

Here are my most used extensions -

Onetab — Useful if you use too many tabs in chrome like me 😜.

Webmaker — Codepen like offline editor

Vimium - Provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.

Pocket — Bookmark and read later.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) — Comes handy in managing other extensions.

LivePage — Live reloading webpage as it changes.

Page Ruler — Use it while designing/developing websites. It helps in measuring elements on any web page.

The Great Suspender — It automatically suspend tabs that have not been used for a while, freeing up memory and cpu that the chrome tab was consuming.

Mixmax — Email tracking

There are so many other apps/extensions I am using to boosts my productivity. If you’re interested in knowing them feel free to DM me here @meakaakka.

Stay tuned for future write-ups that will cover more detailed info of my dev setup.

A messy developer who likes to write about web, life and motivation. Previously @hackerrank | @zulip. Currently building @devfolio and @fold ❤

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